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10 Popular English Podcasts With Short Episodes

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  1. The Daily - This popular podcast from The New York Times features a 20-30 minute daily news briefing, covering the most important stories of the day.

  2. TED Radio Hour - This podcast features a selection of TED talks on a wide range of topics, from science and technology to arts and culture.

  3. Planet Money - This podcast from NPR explores the hidden side of the economy, with engaging stories and useful explanations of complex economic concepts.

  4. 99% Invisible - This popular design and architecture podcast explores the stories behind the design of everyday objects and spaces.

  5. Radiolab - This podcast presents a unique blend of storytelling, science, and music, exploring a wide range of fascinating topics.

  6. Revisionist History - This podcast from Malcolm Gladwell reexamines events of the past and offers new perspectives on their significance.

  7. StartUp - This podcast follows the journey of entrepreneurs as they try to turn their business ideas into successful companies.

  8. Freakonomics Radio - This podcast, based on the popular book series, explores the hidden side of everything, using economics to explain a wide range of unexpected phenomena.

  9. Criminal - This true crime podcast explores the stories of people who have been caught up in the criminal justice system.

  10. Song Exploder - This podcast features musicians breaking down their songs and explaining the creative process behind them.